Never trust a student worker

After I had been accepted to my university, I soon found out that it would be roughly about 6,000 a semester for me to attend. I accepted my fate with my understanding; so I had thought. I was informed that once I had lived in Arkansas a year I will qualify for in-state tuition IF I had acquired an Arkansas ID. Sweetness… everything was falling into place.

10 months had passed and in the summer of 2014, I looked spectacular and marched into the quickest DMV I have ever been in my life and traded New Mexico in for Arkansas. Both were GREAT pictures by the way! I wish they would have let me keep the New Mexico ID picture.

Anyway, I immediately headed towards campus and was quickly denied. Apparently, I was supposed to get an Arkansas drivers license the day they had told me all that delightfully inaccurate information. Wouldn’t you know, they now all of a sudden wanted additional proof of residency and it was not a year I had to wait; it was 6 months!

Jiminy Crickets, man! Obviously, it was the end of the world, and I had given them a piece of my improperly developed frontal lobe. I said things I am still embarrassed to admit. I was eventually denied for being late in submitting my documents after the “new requirement.” Total sham. Repeat previous freak out.

That went on about 3 more times until Monday where I am now a current Arkansas resident receiving in-state tuition.  I hate adult things. Ew. At least its down to $3,500. I better get a job. I should try harder next semester. I was really distracted this semester.

Good will hunting, I think that’s a saying, not just a really good movie with a super intelligent attractive Matt Damon and isn’t Robin Williams dead now? RIP duder.

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