Why I decided to pursue Journalism

I had a conversation with a peer of mine discussing why we chose to pursue journalism as our majors. We both oddly said the same initial lure of the industry: little Math.

I know this is one of the silliest things draw someone into a particular field, and frankly I’m not proud of it, but I suck at Math! While I’m at it, I suck at Science too. In fact, Algebra and Biology were the some reasons I dropped out of high school. Adding to the fact that I could not stay out of trouble, but alas a different post for a different time…

The reason I stuck with Journalism though is because I like it. I love working on Tech TV, and honestly I love to write. Sure, my strength is poetry and short science fiction stories, but I communicate better and more thoroughly through written words over verbal communication.

I am a huge gossiper. Journalists are like that annoying friend that blabs all your juicy gossip that you wanted to remain hidden.

I have always had a thirst for the truth though, and I have always been fascinated on why people lie and the psychology behind it. (I’m going for a minor in Psychology.)

Finally, because journalists are more my kind of people. Writers. I am not an athlete, artist, musician, nor am I good with anything that uses symbols or numbers. On my spare time I enjoy catching up on the news, I like to read and write, and that’s just who I am. I’m finally at the age where I can admit what I regretfully am not too good at. It just makes sense for me to do something in Journalism.

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