I firmly believe in mind over matter. Our brains are so complex that even the sharpest will never know the full capacity of their mind. I mention this because, with my foreknowledge of our minds, I can’t help but wonder if I’m really experiencing first trimester’s classic symptoms, or if I just did so much research on what to expect, I implanted such feelings.

I feel, deep down, that my daily fatigue is at a crippling high. I don’t want to get out of bed, I even wanted to wear holey sweat pants to school today. Sure, a lot of people do (which is super odd), but not me. That’s not my steelo, I like to feel good every time I come in contact with someone and dressing like I seriously just rolled out of bed is out of the question.

I now want to kill my roommates. Well, one in particular whom I share a wall with, and he absolutely insists on keeping is television’s volume on high in the dead of night and screaming on Skype to his lame friends playing whatever the fuck they play at midnight.  Jackson, my cat, is a complete nuisance too. Coupled with my frequent urination, I can’t believe I even woke up this morning. Between the two, I hated my life.

I got off of school this afternoon and tried to come home and nap and what do you know? One roommate smoking weed on my balcony, the other playing video games with 4 friends in the living  room. Between the two, I hate my life. I’ll be okay.

I’m going to work out too Bach and Wolfgang to ease my mind and hopefully help me sleep.

Sweet screams.

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