Preggo cravings

Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted something, but couldn’t figure out what exactly that was? That feeling has haunted me since I was half way through my second trimester. I occasionally would THINK I found it, until I’d pull a classic Christine by getting bored and moving on to the next.

Oreo cookies, Sour Punch Punchies, soda, coffee and McDonald’s entire breakfast menu have all made an appearance on my guilty pleasure pregnancy craving list. Thankfully, the majority have been healthy and have been  milk, lentil soup, cheese (cream, sharp, extra sharp, feta-basically salty cheese), brussell sprouts, and garlic hummus with bagels/English muffins.

What I thought I wanted in soda was really just the carbonation. I discovered that in Sparkling Ice Pink Grapefruit, and I realized that was what I had been missing! I could drink it, and not feel super guilty even thought it contains artificial sweeteners-it’s flavored carbonated water with added antioxidants and minerals, plus the taste is AMAZEBALLS! Better than sodas!

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